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Do I need testing for Hepatitis B?

You should call us at 1-800-809-9252 if you are concerned about hepatitis B or any of the following apply.

If you:

  • have received blood or blood products before 1975
  • work at a hospital or other health care facility
  • live with or take care of a person with hepatitis B
  • have a past or current partner with hepatitis B
  • are a dialysis patient that received blood
  • have had multiple sex partners
  • are a current or past resident of a corretional facility
  • even once used intravenous drugs or shared needles
  • have received a tattoo, body piercing, or accupuncture without rigorous sterilization
  • have recently been diagnosed with an STD
  • have traveled to countries with a high hepatitis B seroprevalence
  • are planning to become pregnant/are pregnant and have not been recently screened
  • were born to a mother with hepatitis B
  • are a man who has sex with other men

Do I need testing for other STDs?


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