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There are times when getting a STD test becomes a matter of necessity and responsibility, regardless of where it lies on your priority list.  You will find below, essential reasons that will contribute to your overall health. Getting STD tested at one of our local std testing centers is not only easy, but quick and private. 

It is always a best practice to get STD testing regardless of whether your partner agrees with you or not.

Never assume you are clean just because you are not experiencing any symptoms.  It is always possible for symptoms to gradually show up as everyone experiences symptoms differently.  People might be infected and not be aware they are carrying a sexually transmitted disease.  Getting tested is the only way to know for sure if you are “clean” for not.  STD tests are available through simple blood and urine screening at one of our convenient STD testing centers. 

There is someone that you’ve just met and are really into.  You’re thinking of taking it to the next level- unprotected sex.


When considering participating in unprotected sex, it is highly recommended that both partners get STD testing. Some STDs are not readily visible, blinding you to the possibility of being vulnerable to infection.  STD testing is a healthy practice for relationship growth as it eliminates any doubts from previous relationships.

You’ve engaged in promiscuous behavior in the past.

It is highly recommended that you get tested regularly, more so when engaging with multiple sex partners.  In cases where symptoms are not visible, it is always a good practice to get tested. Getting tested early on at a STD test center can be a major deterrent in transmission. 


Getting tested regularly is a very effective method of preventing the spread of  HIV.  HIV can remain undetected due to the lack of symptoms and signs.  The most common test is the Elisa (antibody); after 3 months of exposure the test is conclusive.  When exposure occurs early, the PCR can determine if you’re infected within 7 days to 3 months.  PCR testing is a very sensitive method of testing.  The infected white blood cell that the HIV virus integrates into is looked for by the HIV DNA PCR.  The test is good after 2 weeks and conclusive at 1 month.  HIV RNA PCR looks for flowing particles of HIV that are located in the blood stream.  It is thought to be accurate after a 7 day period.

Most infections have no symptoms and often go undiagnosed and untreated, which may lead to severe health consequences, especially for women. The only way to know for sure is to be tested. Talk to a counselor about which STD tests are right for you.




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