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The most common test for HIV is the ELISA.  Instead of looking for HIV itself, the test is actually looking for the way your body responds to the virus.  Once the immune system recognizes HIV, it responds by producing antibodies.  This antibody response can start to show as early as 3-4 weeks.  By 6 weeks, 95-97% of people infected with HIV would most likely show a detectable antibody response.  At 3 months the ELISA is considered conclusive for a healthy individual.  Persons with an immune deficiency may want to wait 6 months from the exposure or talk to a testing representative about DNA PCR testing which is not dependent on antibody production.

HIV antibody testing through Advanced Testing Center is done with the 3rd generation micro-ELISA, considered the most up-to-date ELISA available.  Advanced Testing Center's testing procedures ensure that each specimen is collected by a phlebotomist and processed through a CLIA approved laboratory.


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